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Publication Information

Advanced Linux Programming
by Mark Mitchell, Jeffrey Oldham, and Alex Samuel, of CodeSourcery LLC
published by New Riders Publishing
ISBN 0-7357-1043-0
First Edition, June 2001

From the Back Cover

Advanced Linux Programming is intended for the programmer already familiar with the C programming language. Authors Alex Samuel, Jeffrey Oldham, and Mark Mitchell of CodeSourcery, LLC take a tutorial approach and teach the most important concepts and power features of the GNU/Linux system in application programs.

If you're a developer already experienced with programming for the GNU/Linux system, are experienced with another UNIX-like system and are interested in developing GNU/Linux software, or want to make the transition for a non-UNIX environment and are already familiar with the general principles of writing good software, this book is for you. In addition, you will find that this book is equally applicable to C and C++ programming. Even those progamming in other languages will find this book useful since the C language APIs and conventions are the lingua franca of GNU/Linux.


By Adam Goodman, Publisher, Linux Magazine:

"As Linux becomes a more mainstream player in the internet infrastructure market, there is a tremendous need for lucid programming texts that also convey some of the philosophy behind the Linux and GNU movements. This book does an incredible job of covering all that. I think it will be a standard against which other introductory programming texts for Linux (and with all due respect to Richard Stevens, possibly UNIX as well) are measured."

About CodeSourcery LLC

CodeSourcery, based in Granite Bay, California, brings top-notch people together to work on programming tools and other challenging technologies. A recognized leader in the development of the GNU C and C++ compilers, CodeSourcery also develops new UNIX development tools and contributes to the development of open-source software, in addition to contract software development and support services.

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